Who is participating in GEOTOPIA?

The Lead Partner of the Project is the Municipal Organization for the Socio-cultural Development of Sitia (DOKAS) and its partners are the University of Crete (with the Natural History Museum), the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus, the Department of Forests of Cyprus, and the Development Agency for Troodos Area.

The composition of the partnership is not random… These are bodies that have in the past promoted efforts to organize/prepare the areas in the direction of creating Geoparks. Furthermore, in both cases (Crete-Cyprus), both the scientific competence of the partnership (University – Geological Survey Department – Department of Forests) and the outreach into local communities (DOKAS – Development Agency for Troodos Area: Developmental Companies) are secured, which are basic requirements for creating a Geopark. 

The total approved budget of the project in both areas is € 881,823.33 .

  • DOKAS: €178.000,00
  • University of Crete –Special Research Fund (ELKE) – Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC): €170.000,00
  • Geological Survey Department of Cyprus: €108.000,00
  • Development Agency for Troodos Area, Cyprus: €98.000,00
  • Department of Forests of Cyprus: €327.823,33