The operator and funding body

The work is co-funded by the INTERREG IV Ελλάδα – Κύπρος 2007 – 2013 Cross-border Cooperation Programme. 

Greece - Cyprus

The “Greece – Cyprus 2007 – 2013” Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme was approved by the European Union on 28/03/2008 with decision C (2008) 1131/28-03-2008.

The total budget of the Programme comes to €60,082,625, of which €48,065,620 comes from the European Regional Development Fund- ERDF (80%) and €12,016,405 (20%) from national contribution. 

Eligible areas for the Programme are the Regions of Crete (Prefectures of Heraklion, Lasithi, Rethymno, and Chania), the Northern Aegean (Prefectures of Lesvos, Samos and Chios) and the Southern Aegean (Prefecture of the Dodecanese) in Greece, as well as the whole territory of Cyprus. 

The general objective of the OP “Greece – Cyprus” Programme is “the promotion of the area as a hub of sustainable development in the wider region of the Southeastern Mediterranean in the direction of the enhancement of competitiveness”.

This general objective will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:
Strategic Objective 1: Improvement of competitiveness in the cooperation region
Strategic Objective 2: Protection of natural and cultural resources 
Strategic Objective 3: Enhancement of security and improvement of accessibility to networks and services