The project includes 47 deliverables (actions and projects):

  • DOKAS is assigned 8
  • The University of Crete – (ELKE) – NHMC 17
  • The Geological Survey Department of Cyprus 6
  • The Agency for the Development of Troodos, Cyprus 13
  • The Department of Forests of Cyprus 3 

But what is to be implemented?

Α. Drafting two management and action plans, one for each area (according to the model of UNESCO Geoparks);

Β. Creating two interpretation and management centres for geotopes (which will function as centres for informing – updating visitors, providing hospitality to special groups, holding screenings – presentations, etc.),

Γ. Creating outdoor geological museums (paths that will connect unique geological phenomena of the geoparks and preparing special publications)

Δ. Creating a Natural History Museum in Zakros, Sitia,

Ε. Organising exchanges – training of information centre managers,

Στ. Promotion-publicity actions (documentaries, documents, posters, pocket guides, etc.) aiming at making the existence and function of such important geotopes known to the broader public.