Georoute 2 

Georoute Name: Palaikastro - Vai - Toplou Monastery - Palaikastro
Type: Road
Length (Km): 22,805
Time: 0 h, 30 min
Initial elevation (m): 20
Final elevation (m): 20
Maximum elevation (m): 186
Minimum elevation (m): 9

This georoute begins from Palaikastro and heads towards Vai, connecting some of the best known coastal areas of Crete, such as Hiona, Kouremenos, Maridati and, of course, Vai. From Vai, the georoute continues to the renowned Toplou Monastery, where, apart from the monastery, visitors can cross the gorge located beneath the Monastery(Georoute 15). The georoute is circular and ends where it started at Palaikastro.