Georoute 1

Georoute Name: Palaikastro - Lydia - Modi - Xerolimni - Karydi - Platyvolo - Ano Peristera - Adravastoi - Flegas spring - Palaikastro
Type: Road
Length (Km): 42,586
Time: 1 h, 0 min
Initial elevation (m): 40
Final elevation (m): 31
Maximum elevation (m): 634
Minimum elevation (m): 30


Georoute 1 begins from the village of Palaikastro and follows the road towards Xirolimni. It passes through the hamlets of Mitato and Karidi and continues along the road to Adravastoi. From there it follows the country road all the way towards Palaikastro, making a small diversion at Kellaria village to visit the Flegas Spring.

This Georoute includes numerous locations with an amazing view; it passes through many sites of geological interest, known as geotopes, and connects with many of the trekking trails of the Park.