Georoute 14

Georoute Name: Vai - Skopeli - Megali Kefala - Vai
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 5,131
Time: 1 h, 45 min
Initial elevation (m): 20
Final elevation (m): 20
Maximum elevation (m): 120
Minimum elevation (m): 20


Georoute 14 begins from the renowned beach of Vai with the unique Cretan Date Palm forest, continues southwards crossing sand dunes and small bays and ends at Skopeli summit. It offers a fantastic view and includes numerous significant geosites of the area: Dunes with Cedar groves (Juniperus phoenicea), forest stands of Carob tree (Ceratonia illigua), shrublands of Cretan Cistus (Cistus creticus) and many rare flora species. From there, it follows a parallel track back to Vai, where it connects with georoute 2.