Geotourism, the tourism through earth’ features and monuments, is an alternative way of tourism that includes wondering in nature, experiencing the monuments of geology, landscape, environment, history and culture of an area. All these can be found in abundance at the Sitia Nature Park.

Geo-routes in Sitia Nature Park

Special geo-routes have been developed for the visitors in order to discover the natural, geological and cultural treasure of the Park. These include car and bicycle, hiking and climbing trails.

Geo-routes have been mapped using modern Geographical Information Systems and are available in various formats. In addition a special geotouristic map is offered at the Info centers that includes all routes.

These routes are clearly marked in nature with information panels, signposts and direction signs along their length.

In Geopark there are already world renowned established sport activities, such as windsurfing and mountain climbing. Sports, however, also include other activities more demanding in experience and expertise, such as speleology (cave exploration) and canyoning. 

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